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The Being Dad DVD isn't a how-to guide. It doesn't push an agenda. And it's not a medical textbook with minute-by-minute explanations of the anatomical changes happening to your baby and partner. Instead, we blend interviews with new dads from around the country with plain English advice from experts. Much quicker and less painful than the average labour, the 90 minute-DVD offers wisdom, humour and even a few tissue-box moments.

Conception to birth, the DVD covers 26 topics. They include sex during pregnancy, the reality of miscarriage, financial considerations, your relationship with your buddies, what not to say to your partner and pain relief options (for her). Listening to other dads talk about their experiences gives you advice that's relevant and tips that will help the next few months be more enjoyable.

This DVD is a lot of fun as well as being very full of honest feedback from new and expectant dads about what they are thinking as well as how they are feeling.

It is an excellent example of the value to be gained when 2 or more dads are gathered together ... in the name of fatherhood.

This DVD edition is PAL (European format) It will work on most computers but not likely home DVD players in USA (NTSC is USA format)


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