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DOULA! is a 65 minute uniquely intimate  documentary film that captures in close-up detail the practical and emotional support given by a doula to mothers and fathers before, during and after childbirth.

The film features three doula-supported births (two home water births and a birth that progresses to a caesarean section) plus the work of two postnatal doulas helping new parents with their brand new babies.

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DOULA Film Review

by Patrick Houser


Doula…I have had ambivalence about that weird, foreign word since I first heard it more than a dozen years ago. Somehow a new documentary, ‘Doula, The ultimate birth companion’ by Toni Harman of Alto Films, makes me feel better about it.


The filmmaker, a new mother herself, has shown great courage in making a film about birth, and the viewer is richly rewarded as a result. However, in a unique and almost simplistic way, this film is actually more about support than birth itself. A most crucial and compelling necessity for birthing families is the need for support, and doulas deliver.


Family life today has become ever more complex and demanding. In the distant almost ancient past birth was part of extended family and village life, but no more. We have culturally ‘forgotten’ how to properly begin family life and this film is a modern antidote.


Scene after scene of this moving and visually beautiful film demonstrates what is possible in the realm of support, for mothers and fathers, during life’s most essential transition, the birth of the family. With the love, skill and commitment provided by a professional doula, she can be ‘the ultimate birth companion’.


Doulas are good news for Dads too. Rather than a doula replacing you she can provide tremendous relief and support for you. More opportunity to be intimately with your partner rather than you needing to be some kind of a birth expert yourself.

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