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Fathers To Be


                            A Road Map for the

                               Transition to Fatherhood


                            Patrick M. Houser


Men becoming fathers today face new challenges as they increase

 their involvement in the family and participation in the birth of their

  children. Using real stories and solid research Patrick Houser provides

  information, ideas and even "Power Tools" to assist expectant and new 

dads in navigating this territory. Men are also presented with 

innovative ways to support their partner and child as the

                  family enters this new phase of life together.


This little marvel of a book ushers in a new era in which fathers are to  be (finally!)

valued and supported for our unique role, right from conception onwards.
Hallelujah for this timely and respectful step-by-step guide. So many 
fathers and their families will be heartened by Patrick's book,

it is the book I wish I had when I became a new Dad.
Robin Grille, dad, author, Parenting for a Peaceful World & Heart to Heart Parenting


'Look Inside'

Preview the Preface and Introduction Here


"A must read for all fathers-to-be. A superb guide for understanding the father-mother-child relationship; truly informative, inspirational and enlightening." Publisher - Wellbeing Magazine, Richard Branson


This book is designed in such a way that you can spend

anywhere from 90 minutes to 9 months with it.


“Patrick's book outlines in a very clear and linear fashion what it entails to become a father. You are led beyond all the pitfalls and fears that many men encounter and given essential tools for the journey.”

Life Coach & Trainer - Douglas Crawford, Aarhus, Sweden


I’m already brainstorming about my ante-natal classes and how I can change them and

make more room for the fathers. Thank you Patrick for taking your time to

make this world a better place for men and their children. I am deeply grateful.

 Eydis Hentze, Antenatal teacher and Birth Doula, Iceland


UK/European/AU edition


 ISBN 978-1-903789-10-0

The handbook is 111x178mm

(4.35"X7",pocket size),

160 pages, paperback.


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The handbook is 111x178mm(4.35"X7",pocket size),

160 pages, paperback.

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"For the majority of mothers, a most important ingredient for her successful pregnancy,

birth and breastfeeding is the quality of care she receives from the father."

Patrick M. Houser

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