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MARCH 2007

RCM Midwives Journal provides practical and up-to-date information to the wider midwifery community in the UK. This information encompasses recent academic research findings, advice for professionals and students and where relevant, implications for midwifery stemming from wider changes in the National Health Service and other affiliated or related professions.

90 % of all midwifes in the UK receive this journal and in the March, 2007 magazine Fathers-To-Be made the cover as well as an article interviewing Patrick and Elmer


A Gentle Praise of Men and Birth: Elmer Postle’s first offering in his new ‘Film a Week’ project. http://easylink.playstream.com/hemiowl/short8.wvx  to view the 3 minute film. F2B co-founder is making a film a week over a year long period on the theme of ‘willingness to be free’. Subsequent films available to watch at: www.owl.postle.net

British Broadcasting CorporationBBC Radio Interview  18 February 2008

Fathers-To-Be Handbook author, Patrick Houser, interviewed on BBC Radio

Link:  http://www.last.fm/music/Patrick+Houser/Fathers+To+Be+BBC+interview

This from the author of The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PhD. Conscious parenting begins with awareness of where we are and where we come from.  Dr. Lipton explains some of the science behind behaviors.  click link for brief YouTube video

Bruce Lipton

Joseph Chilton Pearce, renowned author of Magical Child, speaks about brain development and the influences on it and the choices we have as parents. Joseph Chilton Pearce


The Mother Magazine, UK December/January - 2006/07

Article here

MyBabyRadio.com Three really great radio interviews with Patrick Houser. Follow the link and enter fatherhood into the search box.

Pregnancy and Birth Magazine UK - February 2007



"While they are fully involved in the baby-making part, dads-to-be can feel a bit left out of the rest of the pregnancy process. Fathers-To-Be offers courses and training, helping men understand birth and preparing them for their new role."

Practical Parenting Magazine UK - April 2007

The Sun

The Sun Newspaper

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Dear Deidre ...World’s No 1 Agony Aunt



Dear Deidre,

My girlfriend has just told me she’s pregnant but I’ve never liked kids. In fact, I can’t stand them. I’m 22 and she is 21. We’ve been together for three years and things have been great until now.


When I was still at school my older brother’s kids used to stay at our house. They would do nothing but make a mess and screamed at all hours of the day. Since then I have never liked kids.


We always used contraception-yet my girlfriend still conceived. She has already said she’ll leave if I don’t love the baby so I thought I’d at least try. We went for the first scan last week. Everyone has said it is supposed to bring a tear to your eye, but it just made me feel sick. It’s going to destroy my life and I don’t know if I can handle it.


Deidre says: I don’t know what was going on with your older brother’s kids but children don’t have to scream and cry all of the time. They are always demanding and can be noisy- but can bring more joy than just about anything else in life.


The first scan picture can often demand lots of imagination to see anything like a baby, so don’t give up on the idea yet.


Your little one will quickly pick up on any unease you feel. So contact Fathers-To-Be (01892890614), fatherstobe.org) and read the Fathers-To-Be Handbook by Patrick Houser(£9.98)