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The Four Biggies

…for Dads/Partners at Birth



 ... because what makes you a man

isn’t the ability to conceive a child;

it’s having the courage to raise one.

Barack Obama


 Fathers-To-Be supports expectant and new dads by 

reinforcing their relationship with themselves, their partners,

their babies, and the health professionals caring for the family.

"For the majority of mothers an important

ingredient for her successful pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding 

is the care provided by the father/partner." Patrick M. Houser

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Today’s fathers are participating more than ever before in the birth and up-bringing of their children. This can have a strong impact on the family. Research has established the importance of a father's contribution in his children's early life.


Practical and emotional fitness for the transition to fatherhood can be learned/awakened and is very useful.


How healthcare professionals welcome fathers is significant to the whole family system.


Fathers-To-Be offers men effective preparation for fatherhood through practical education. Riding the waves of pregnancy, birth and early fatherhood involves supporting a woman’s rhythm while learning to maintain your own balance.

Fathers-To-Be provides study days for childbirth practitioners, educators, lactation consultants and social workers including how to facilitate their  working relationship with fathers. We also consult with healthcare organisations, hospitals and schools in support of their whole-family and birthcare practices.




 Latest blog post...

Considering Men's Needs

in the Time of Fatherhood

 by Elmer Postle

co-founder Fathers-To-Be


How do we consider the needs of men who are becoming fathers? It’s a question women ask of men who are interested in pregnancy and birth and it’s a question that can get reduced to a joke or bypassed by men themselves. What are the steps we need to take to begin to consider it seriously? ......








A Road Map for the

Transition to Fatherhood


Patrick M. Houser


"As fatherhood approached

I found very few ways to sustain my experience as a man who was about to become a father. Patrick's book gave me an opportunity to explore my relationship with myself, my partner and my father.”

Jamie, new dad, London


It has a joyous and optimistic tone...

I think it could well be very helpful for many dads and families.

Dr. Yehudi Gordon

Consultant Obstetrician

author, Birth and Beyond


"Brilliant for any father-to-be,full of wisdom and insight."

Adrienne Burgess,


The Fatherhood Institute 

 author, Fatherhood Reclaimed









She is having a baby!

       What am I supposed

to be doing?





How would feel if you were told your father did not want you?

As a man, could you learn to love and want to be a father yourself, if your father   

       abandoned you and your family when you were only two?

If you were wise and courageous and in love with an amazing woman you would

       make a film called…


Leap Before You Look

a documentary film by Stephane Goldsand





now available


This book provides a reassuring road map on the sometimes uncertain journey to 21st century fatherhood. The author provides information, ideas and skills so that a dad can harness his own power, pleasure, sensitivity, and strength in supporting his new family. Practical, readable and highly recommended. Sarah J. Buckley MD, mother, author, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

available here









Research shows:

Men who respond

to impending

fatherhood by reflecting on the way they were parented produce happier children.











What about Fathers &



One Baby Two Parents


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BBC Interview



Elmer's Reviews




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 Leap Before You Look from Stephane Goldsand on Vimeo


Faced with his wife’s desire to become a mother, filmmaker Stephane Goldsand goes on a quest to find out how people decide to have kids and identify the sources of his own hesitation. What emerges is an intimate story, peppered with humor and poignancy, where memories and present moments converge in an effort to redefine a couple’s future. Leap Before You Look is a first-person documentary short that combines various storytelling styles, including vérité, interviews, narration, animations and family archival material.


Review by F2B's Patrick Houser:

"This first documentary by NYC based filmmaker Stephane Goldsand, represents what could be called … “Where the rubber meets the road”… regarding contemporary parenthood.


Utilising alluring multi-media techniques Mr. Goldsand has committed to telling a story, an intimate personal story, which very few men would dare. Throughout this 22 minute sojourn the viewer is invited into Goldsand’s inner sanctum, as well as his family of origin, in order to explore his ambivalence (dread may be more accurate) at the prospect of becoming a father. We also engage with his beloved and charming wife Cristina, ripe for motherhood within the evolution of their long-term relationship.


Welcome to a creative, provocative, and heart-warming piece of filmic excellence from a man who is destined to be a successful filmmaker; as well as a fantastic father."


Be on the lookout for this important documentary at film festivals world-wide.

For more please visit www.leapbeforeyoulook.com



The Fathers-To-Be programmes are a r-evolution in antenatal education for fathers, mothers and birthcare professionals. It brings together leading edge research about the nature of the father/mother/child relationship and the power of intention.


We recognise that 'birth matters' for the whole family. Most women, when properly prepared and supported, can give birth naturally and without intervention. Fathers can make an important contribution to this natural process.


Today nearly all fathers are at the birth of their children. Men have an instinctive ability for fathering which can easily be awakened. Additional skills, like maintaining a calm and useful presence at the birth, and how to best support a mother, can be learned.


Through a combination of discussion, practice and inspiration Fathers-To-Be creates a profoundly useful environment for exploring creative parenting before, during and after birth.


Direct benefits are improved family bonding, improved relationships, increased longevity and security for the family, decreased stress and more enjoyment for mothers, fathers, children and professionals.


It has been found that activating the 'fight or flight' response in people present at a birth can affect a mother's ability to birth her baby. In our classes fathers learn to detect this mechanism and how to manage this response in a creative and useful way.


We find that when fathers come together they enjoy opening up and sharing their experiences. They revel in hearing from other fathers about some of the same joys, questions and fears they also have.



"I have been looking for something like this for most of these last 8 months."

 Mike A., recent F2B participant

             We also consult with midwifery schools, hospitals, yoga and antenatal organisations and other professionals                                  

                         providing care for families during the 'primary time'. We have various formats including

                                 lectures, workshops, study days, CPD, CEUs, film screenings and more,

                                        to enhance family services regarding fathers and the family.


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